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Throughout this training, we have talked about your three clients Sue, Maria, and Charli.

Sue has been the recipient of over a decade of litigation abuse, and her children are estranged. She would like to have parenting time with her children resolved and a final resolution to the outstanding support issues, but the opposing party has recently tried reversing parenting time arrangements, possibly as a way of avoiding child support.

Maria was recently successful in getting a protection order, leading Juan to make further threatening remarks. Juan wants parenting time with Marc, but Marc and Maria are reluctant because of the history of abuse, but maybe if Juan gets counselling and has supervised access, there can be some visits.

Charli would really like to keep the car they are still paying insurance for, and Charli and KC would like the car to be registered in both their names. They would also like to have some sort of agreement about the remaining financial issues.

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