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Scenario: Maria (She/hers)

Maria is from Spain and arrived in Vancouver about 12 years ago. She was sponsored by her husband Juan, and they have an 8-year-old son, Marc. Since separating from March, Maria has been living in a transition house in Surrey. The transition house workers are helping her to connect with English classes, and she has started working at a nearby restaurant. Maria was seriously assaulted by her Juan, which resulted in the police being called. The police removed Juan from their home but did not charge him. Maria says she feels safe in the transition house. Although she says that Juan used to get angry if she asked for money, lately he has been nicer and has been dropping off gift cards for her. He even e-transferred her $100 because Marc’s birthday is coming up.

You have had several appointments with Maria and learned more about family violence in her case.

Today Maria has called you because she is quite upset. The other day Marc came back from a visit with Juan; he was unusually clingy and quiet. The manager of the transition house came to Maria a few days later and said that Marc told one of the staff that his dad grabbed him and shook him hard during a recent visit, hurting his arm and neck and that Marc was afraid. When Maria tried to ask Marc about it, he said that his dad would be angry if he talked to her. When Marc went to shower later, she looked at his shoulder as he went in and could see no marks, but she didn’t look closely.

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