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Scenario 3: Sue (She/hers)

Sue was married about 18 years ago to her high school sweetheart, Sam. After they finished university, they settled down in Kamloops as she grew up on the Kamloops reserve (Sue is Secwepemc). Sam has shown a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour against Sue during their marriage including, constantly checking up on her, socially isolating her, and controlling her access to family finances.

After Sue told Sam that she wanted a divorce about five years ago, he has fought her at every turn, including refusing to provide her with disclosure of the family finances. Sue eventually got an order for child support based on an imputed income, but Sam hasn’t paid regularly, and Sue has largely given up on it. Sam has also become openly hostile to Sue. Sue has been on medical leave for the last two years, and her children are not telling that she’s “lazy” for not working, which is the same thing that Sam says. Sam recently filed yet another court application to reduce his child support, and Sue is exhausted and not sure whether she should go to court or not.

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