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Scenario 2: Charlie (They/theirs)

Charli and KC were together for about the last four years, and they share no children. Soon after getting together, they moved to Nelson because Charli had family in the area and could get a modest rental. It took time for them to settle in Nelson, and because of that, Charli has a visa bill of about $14,000 from the move, and KC has about $5000 in debt. They have a joint savings account with about $3000. They also have a 7-year-old Kia Soul that is worth about $6000 that they put in KC’s name, but was purchased from their shared savings. Charli has paid all the maintenance and insurance for the vehicle.

Charli and KC regularly argued about during their relationship was money. KC was a little freer with money and wanted to eat out once a week or have little luxuries; Charli preferred to save and wanted to prioritise [MM10] paying off their debts. When they didn’t agree, KC would ignore Charli’s opinion and spend the money.

Eventually, they had a major argument, and Charli asked KC to leave. KC has taken all of the funds from the joint account. Now every time Charli tries to talk about dividing their shared debt, and especially trying to get KC to transfer registration of the car, this results in an argument that escalates into KC yelling at Charli. Charli is afraid to raise the issue again.

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