In this final (unmarked) quiz, we invite you to reflect on your practice and what it means for you to do this work sustainably:

On a separate piece of paper or open up a new text document:

1) Write down the name of a colleague or two you could talk to in each of the following situations (the goal is to have about two to four different names):

  1. You felt very sad about one of your client’s situations.
  2. You were struggling on a file late in the evening.
  3. You felt like your case was too difficult for you to do.

2) Contact information for the Lawyers Assistance Program: 604-685-2171 or 1-888-685-2171 or [email protected]

3) A few words about which concept most resonated for you and why: witnessing, interconnectedness, and/or systemic change or what reasons you personally have for engaging with this work

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